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Are OptiBac Probiotics suitable for children?

Probiotics are natural food supplements and not medicines, and you should hence be able to find probiotics which are completely safe for infants and children.  A growing number of clinical trials support the use of probiotics and prebiotics in children, for a variety of health conditions including constipation, eczema, lactose intolerance, wind, colic and immunity

6 months + 

OptiBac Probiotics For your child's health is for children from 6 months old to 12 years old. This probiotic & prebiotic supplement comes in sachets especially designed for pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies and children; with well-researched strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium infantis shown to support immunity and digestion in infants and children.  Unlike some children's probiotics, this is a flavoulress natural supplement with no added sugars, colourings or preservatives. 

For more information on our children's probiotic, read the reviews at the bottom of this page, and the clinical trials.

In most cases we would always recommend For your child's health as a high quality probiotic supplement for infants and children.  However in case different probiotic species or strains are required, see below for the various age requirements on the probiotics.

1 year + 

Products suitable for infants from 1 year onwards include For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength and For maintaining regularity.  In the case of For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength the capsules can be opened and the contents mixed into cold food or drinks.  If you feel these doses are too high half a sachet or half a capsule can be used each day instead. 

3 years + 

For bowel calm is fitting for children from 3 years upwards.  Again the capsule can be broken open and the contents mixed with cold food or drink.

4 years + 

The rest of the OptiBac Probiotics supplements can be given to children from 4 years upwards.

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