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Nutrition & Health Claims Regulations Update

Posted 7 years ago by Jacob in General Health News

The UK health foods industry is under threat, as is our freedom to circulate information about natural health.  The Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee, made up of certain Members of the European Parliament (MEP's), is set to vote on the controversial list of 222 health claims on 21st March 2012. Depending on the result of this vote, the health claims list is likely to then pass to a vote by the entire European Parliament on 28th or 29th March. 

A meeting in Brussels last Wednesday was organised by Julie Girling MEP as, "Essentially a workshop for [MEP's] and their staff" on the proposed legislation, at which around 40 MEP's were joined by industry representatives and other interested parties. MEP's listened to presentations from both sides of the debate including; Professor Albert Flynn representing the European Food Safety Authority and Professor Ger Rijkers, who argued that a 100% rejection rate of probiotic health claims (as it presently stands) is a travesty.

It seems that MEP's are now much more educated on the health claims list and the problems presented by these strict regulations  -  but the momentum needs to continue to get more MEP's interested, educated, and motivated to help us block the health claims list and regulation. 

OptiBac says: If you appreciate the natural health industry please make a stand now to support it.  You can write to or email your MEP today, asking them to veto the health claims regulation.  This is very important, and should not take long. See this guide: http://www.anh-europe.org/health-claims-veto-2012/ 

To understand more about the Nutrition & Health Claims regulation, and the way in which it threatens our health foods industry, read our clear and simple blogpost as a guide. 

Help us make a noise whilst we still can - please share this post, link to it, and tweet about it.  Twitter hashtag: #NoToHealthClaimsLaw 


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