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EFSA Rejects more Probiotic Health Claims

Posted 8 years ago by Soraya in OptiBac in the Press

Yesterday saw further rejections to the health claims of probiotics, notably the rejection of a dossier from a popular probiotic drink which was put forward to claim that the particular product boosts immunity.  The European Food Safety Authority  (EFSA) required companies to submit dossiers substantiating their health claims, and yet the level of detail requested was unknown.  For this reason many dossiers, including all of those for OptiBac Probiotics, were returned with requests for further information.  Danone has pulled its submissions until having more clarity from EFSA on what is required.  The team at OptiBac Probiotics would like to take this opportunity to clarify that probiotics have been used for many years safely and without risk.  Probiotics have been shown in a vast number of clinical trials to be beneficial for health.  With smaller funds than pharmaceutical products, these studies have been more preliminary and on a smaller scale than the EFSA's stringent rules require.   Now that EFSA are making clear its requirements, further studies will be designed and undertaken to allow Health Claims to be made in the future.  For further information on Health claims, the EFSA, and OptiBac Probiotics, read our Press Release here.


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