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Nutrition and Health Claims Regulations Update - Feedback from Rt Hon Lord Rooker

Posted 8 years ago by Soraya in OptiBac in the Press

In response to our letters of concern regarding the pending Nutrition and Health Claims Regulations, the team at OptiBac Probiotics has now received feedback from our respective MPs, with their responses from Rt Hon Lord Jeff Rooker, Chair of the Food Standards Agency.  Lord Rooker stated that with regards to the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation, the European Commission ‘is committed to authorising health claims in response to each batch of opinions from the European Food Safety Authority.’ Unfortunately for us, Lord Rooker stated that ‘It is unlikely that the Commission will change its view.’
For probiotics, it is the threat of strict regulations regarding nutrition & health claims which is likely to erect large barriers for us in terms of packaging and marketing the products.  If regulations do come down heavily, we may not be allowed to communicate the varying uses of each of our probiotic products to the end consumer. 
If this is something that you are interested in, do consider writing to your MP and letting him or her know how you feel about the pending Health Regulations which will soon be affecting the health food industry.

February 2012 Update: For the latest news on this issue, please see our recent blogpost & guide: Nutrition & Health Claims regulations


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